PSN Content (9-6-07)

Here’s the line-up for today:

-Stranglehold demo
-NBA Live ’08 demo
-Ninja Gaiden: Sigma DLC – Weapon Master – Survival Mode – Ryu-only – $2.99
-MotorStorm v2.0 patch (log in to MS online to download) – free
-Motor Storm DLC Pack – $5.99:
–Eliminator (game mode)
–Coyote Revenge (new track)
–9 new race tickets
–4 new vehicles (all immediately unlocked, except for one which requires all gold) – can be bought separately for $.99 each

-Turok “Quiet Kills”
-PixelJunk Racers
-Lair “World in Chaos”
-MotorStorm “Coyote Revenge” preview
-Heavenly Sword (Animated Prologue – part 5 of 5)
-Heavenly Sword (Making of… part 5 of 5)
(thanks to tanod on neoGAF for the compliation)

The dearth of content is heartening, but more (or really any) PS1 games, please? With such a fantastic backlog, it’s a mystery why we’ve only gotten a smidgen here in the States so far.


~ by Cavin Smith on September 6, 2007.

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