Lair Woes – IGN Sees Fit To Egg On The Masses

Julian Eggebrecht is the industry’s new whipping boy. Old interviews and comments citing Lair’s development difficulties are being dug up as if they were now post-mortem excuses for a trouble game. It’s a little unfair to the guy; I think he really believed in what he was making. But good will isn’t enough to keep the ball from rolling as a pedantic press and forum fanboys continues to crucify him and his game over every new wrinkle in the story.

The latest of which comes in the form of a “review guide” arriving in the mailboxes of various press houses after the game had already been judged by most of them.

IGN's Greg Miller

It’s admittedly embarrassing on Sony’s part, but a lot of misplaced hate is wholly due to certain staffers at IGN rubbing it in further without telling or understanding the whole story. A quip from Daemon Hatfield (who typed up the piece) reveals a lot: “It is common for review copies of a game to come with a fact sheet, but this is the first time we’ve seen an extensive Reviewer’s Guide packed with artwork and gameplay advice.”

Actually, companies frequently send along a “review guide” which points out features and aspects of a game that an otherwise time-crunched reviewer might miss. To knock Lair’s for being particularly detailed and well-put-together is a bit shy of the truth, is it not? That the guide arrived after the game was reviewed is more suspect, although it could’ve been an unfortunate delay on publisher Double Jump’s end. But why bother with looking into that? No, it’s much more productive to kick someone while they’re down. Is that fair coming from reviewer Greg Miller (pictures above)who couldn’t even figure out how to do a proper 180?

From his review: “I missed the toro and thought that I could just turn around and go back to the beast, but my turn was so wide that by the time I was facing the right way, I was already over my foe. The only strategy was to go waaaaaaay out over the water, turn around and slowly come back to the bad guy so that the computer knew exactly who I wanted to take down. Even then, it wasn’t unheard of to pick up a trooper by mistake. True, you can jerk the controller to pull off a 180-degree turn, but like all of the Sixaxis controls, I found it horribly unresponsive.”

Besides a tad bit of hyperbole concerning the reliability of the 180 gesture motion, he ignores the fact that the alternate way to achieve a turnaround is to hold L2 or R2 while you manually turn the dragon, preventing you from having to deal with the wide turning angle that seems to have caused poor Greg so much trouble! Maybe he needed that guide after all…

Lair has problems, but to an audience so prone to groupthink, continually harping on such minutia is going to make Sony’s uphill battle even tougher. It’s already affecting opinions of the next heavy to hit the PS3, Heavenly Sword, which should be judged on its own merit.


~ by Cavin Smith on September 8, 2007.

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