Wii Zapper Pack-in — Link’s Crossbow Training?!

Though unconfirmed in the mainstream press at the time of this writing, the good word has it that Nintendo plans to bundle the $19.99 cheap plastic accessory with Link’s Crossbow Training (What?!). The details are thin, but this Wii Play-esque move likely guarantees 2 million+ sold!

Not a big surprise. Nintendo knows its way around good trojan hardware:


“Hay guys, what’s goin’ on in this thread?”


The original Zapper itself (along with R.O.B. above) was part of the first NES bundle meant to push sales of the fledgling system in a time when the entire domestic gaming industry had collapsed. You could say R.O.B. carried the future of video games on his little, plastic shoulders like it was one of the Herculean tasks. As grateful as we may be now, the industry is in no such shape these days and Nintendo’s strategy comes off at best unnecessary. At worst, a fleecing.

Of course, in this case, I’m not sure whether its the hardware or the software that’s the real trojan. They’re both equally worthless at this stage. True innovation is creating a game about crossbows for a “futuristic zap gun,” right? Even the Nintendo-loyal are quick to point out that Link never actually uses a crossbow in the Zelda series, making the genesis of such a “game” even more mystifying. Really, though. I realize that the Zapper is only a facsimile and could “theoretically” be used for any number of interesting game types (read: tons of light gun games), but why is it even necessary since the wiimote itself already serves this function without silly, consumer-bilking attachments?

It’s another sign of the franchise’s degeneration. Spin-offs are cute and all, but when such an iconic character/series is reduced to being a vehicle for a completely removed concept, you know things are getting bad. It’s happened before. Remember those horrible CD-i titles?

I’ve spent too much time on this already. As much as I lament it, it’s still going to sell like Sony stock after a monthly sales release.



~ by Cavin Smith on September 10, 2007.

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