Several Namco Titles No Longer 360 Exclusive Or Website Gaffe?

It’s either a telling slip or Namco’s web crew got a little out of control, but several Xbox 360-exclusive games, such as Beautiful Katamari, Ace Combat 6, and the RPG Eternal Sonata popped up with tags for the Playstation 3 (and, in the case of Katamari, the Wii as well). Though changed since, here’s a screengrab taken earlier in the day:


It wouldn’t be particularly surprising for Katamari, which was confirmed to be in development for the PS3 at one point, but has since been “canned.” Eternal Sonata could benefit from a few extra sales in Japan, too, where the few 360 gamers who live there already snubbed it. It’s too bad that both games are reported to be extremely disappointing. Katamari may be stale, but PS3 owners are getting Nobi Nobi Boy next year from the series’ creator Keita Takahashi who ducked out of developing it after We ❤ Katamari.



The Prince-like Nobi Nobi Boy

If this is true, nothing points to a concurrent release on both consoles, but keep an eye out during TGS.

~ by Cavin Smith on September 11, 2007.

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