Eggebrecht Says Warhawk Controls Suck

Yesterday, I lumped Factor 5 head Julian Eggebrecht in with Dennis Dyack and Dave Perry. Today, he only reinforces the comparison. The Lair developer attacked one of Sony’s own in an interview with Games Radar:

“Warhawk’s controls are… eurgh!,” Eggebrecht told us with a shudder. He explained that while motion-sensing felt the perfect way to convey the feeling of controlling a dragon in Lair, he believed the kinetic technology in PS3’s Sixaxis controllers shouldn’t be used just because it’s there. “I see motion-sensing as a complimentary, additional new step in terms of controls and where it fits you should use it and where it doesn’t fit, don’t force it. Please don’t force it.”

Please don’t what?! Please don’t force it?! Who was the one that made motion controls mandatory in Lair and ended up getting scrutinized up and down the games industry for it? Anyone who frequents NeoGAF knows that I was one of the few people defending the control scheme, but things like this make it hard to continue doing so. It’s doubly-damning since Warhawk has one of the best impementations of the Sixaxis seen to date. I’m not sure how Julian thinks it works well for one flying thing, but not another. It’s not as if the Warhawk completely lacks kinetics as he seems to suggest.

  A young Julian Eggebrecht

 What’s with hack developers and their highly suggestive poses?

Julian, please go back to making games for Nintendo unless you have something valid to add to the conversation. Or are you too busy trying to pull the foot out of your mouth?


~ by Cavin Smith on September 18, 2007.

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