PSP Grabs Kingdom Hears: Birth By Sleep

Well, at least one rumor came through. The PSP is indeed getting a new Kingdom Hearts game that reportedly plays a lot like its console cousins. Entitled “Birth By Sleep,” it seems as thought it will feature a new protagonist and it may be linked to the bonus cinematic featured in Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix (Japan only). It, too, shares the name “Birth By Sleep.”

As absolutely badass as it may turn out to be, there isn’t a whole to say at this point. It’s only being shown behind closed doors at this point in Square-Enix’s private theatre at TGS, so we can’t tell if it’ll truly live up to sheer craziness of the preview or not. Oh yeah, the DS is getting some four-player nonsense Kingdom Hearts spinoff, too. Still not a peep about a true sequel, though. BBS may be the closest we get to it for awhile yet.

~ by Cavin Smith on September 20, 2007.

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