Good News Everybody! Eye of Judgement Won’t Cost You That Many Dollars

But I’d buy it at any price! Thank goodness, though, that the MSRP is going to be set at a mere $69.99. The set includes a starter deck, a booster pack, the play mat, a camera stand, the game itself, and of course, the Playstation Eye which makes the whole experience possible. This is a fantastic deal people. Sony could’ve charged as much for the camera itself, likely. Instead, you’re getting all of that wrapped up in a nice, four-paneled box for as much as you’d normally pay for a Limited Edition of any other game this generation.

Don’t forget that the Eye will be used for other games to come like SingStar, Burnout Paradise, and PSN games such as Aqua Vita and Snakeball. Really, that’s just the tip of the iceberg (when they hell are we going to hear about Eyedentify again, Sony?). also gave pricing details for extra card: only $3.75 per booster and $14.99 for a themed deck. That’s more or less par for the industry.

Still not sure about Eye of Judgement, though? Just watch this Japanese guy (ok, it’s one of Sony’s Senior Game Designers) demonstrate what the technology can do:


Gamespot has a good (English) demonstration, as well:

As much as Nintendo hypes waggle, you’ll never get this level of interaction with the Wii. I’m really interested in this one, so you’ll probably hear me talk about it again and again up through release. 🙂

~ by Cavin Smith on September 21, 2007.

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