Gallian Chronicles: Valkyrie Of The Battlefield

Valkyrie Of The Battlefield

Probably one of the most pleasant surprises to come out of an otherwise lackluster TGS was footage of SEGA’s new action-strategy game Gallian Chronicles: Valkyrie of the Battlefield. Taking place in a sort-of alternate history version of World War I (with far more advanced weaponry), it mixes elements of the tactical RPG genre with third-person action segments. And it’s all rendered in this gob-smacking sketchbook style that’s unlike anything we’ve seen on next-gen consoles yet. Sure, in still shots it looks like they’ve just gone and laid a photoshop filter over the whole thing, but the animation and overall quality sells it in motion. It’s the sort of thing we need more of in a glut of first-person shooters competing to look the “most realistic.” I’ve always wondered what the 360 or PS3 could do for a game that acts and moves like an animated painting instead of one that nearly teeters on the edge of the Uncanny Valley. We have the processing power to get really creative with this stuff now! Gallian Chronicles is a bold step in the right direction. Has some fantastic music that reminds me of Sakimoto’s work on Final Fantasy Tactics. Gametrailers has the TGS preview.

~ by Cavin Smith on September 26, 2007.

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