Atari Announces Downstream Panic!

There’s a new PSP puzzler in the works based around fish being blasted into the stratosphere by a rogue tornado (waterspout?). I’m not sure what to make of that concept, but there have been stranger justifications for gameplay before. The idea seems to be that, as a “sea-creature preservationist,” it’s your job to use whatever tools are available to save your piscine pals from such obvious dangers as dry land and hungry predators


Downstream Panic looks an awful lot like Loco Roco. Maybe too much like Loco Roco. But aesthetics aside, I’m also getting Lemmings or even Incredible Machine vibes from  the available screenshots (courtesy of PSP Fanboy). If it’s following the lineage of spatial puzzle games, it certainly could be exciting and its never a bad thing to have more games on the PSP.

~ by Cavin Smith on September 27, 2007.

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