Playstation Store Update: 9-27-07

It’s kind of light this week. No new PSN games, unfortunately. Just some piddly add-ons and more trailers for the most part. And really? PSOne games? Please? The Japanese store just got another truckload of them. Share the love already!

The real star of the week seems to be the demo for Clive Barker’s Jericho, which was released on Xbox Live just a few days ago. I’m a big fan of Barker’s previous game project, the highly underappreciated Undying, so it should prove to be fun. Expect some impressions when I’m able to get home and play it. As for everything else, here’s the rundown courtesy of

We have two great PS3 demos this week:
• Clive Barker’s Jericho
• NBA 2K8

We also have a couple more add-ons. The first is a new vehicle for MotorStorm. This vehicle, the “Castro Capitano,” is not offered in any other MotorStorm bundle, and it’s only $0.99. There’s also a new Speed Master add-on for Ninja Gaiden Sigma.

As usual, we released more game videos and movie trailers:
• NBA 08 Upside Progression System tutorial
• Eye of Judgement Overview
• Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock trailer
• Iron Man trailer
• We Own the Night trailer

~ by Cavin Smith on September 27, 2007.

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