40 gig SKU – More Fuel For The Fire

We’ve talked about rumors already, but the facts are starting to trickle in about Sony releasing a new PS3 SKU. Everything we’ve heard so far points to a 40 gig hard drive being included. Sadly, the evidence doesn’t exactly confirm any different features, but it does prove a new model is in production. Check out this post from engadget:

“Having just denied the existence of a low cost, entry level PS3, we weren’t expecting to find a new PS3 model from Sony parked in the FCC exhibits list this morning. That’s right, a new PlayStation 3 model CECHG01 was just unearthed. The juiciest of documents are all withheld upon Sony’s request for confidentiality. However, we did manage to scrape up a few details: Bluetooth 2.0+EDR; 802.11b/g WiFi; a 3.2GHz CPU clock speed just like other PS3s; 66MHz ATA, 133MHz ATA, 33MHz PCI and 750MHz SATA1; and a bevy of ports including USB, HDMI, and Ethernet. At least that what it looks like after combing through the data. Nothing new, eh? So the reason for the new model number is likely the result of a hard disk change given Sony’s preference for unique models reflecting changes in storage. However, for all we know that could be an increase and not a decrease in capacity so we’ll all have to hold tight for now and watch this unfold.”

Essentially, snoops combing the FCC’s listings discovered the existence of “CECGH01,” a number that does not match that of any other existing Playstation 3 model. The number also appears on Blu-ray Savings under the PS3 heading for valid Blu-Ray players. As per engadget’s assessment above, the lack of new “listed” features indicates a change in hard-disk size being the likely draw of the new SKU. This is the most solid proof we’ve seen so far, so you can take on it good faith that something, if anything, will be announced within the next few weeks. Or at least I hope Sony plans on being timely with it.

~ by Cavin Smith on September 29, 2007.

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