Team ICO Working On New Game, Kinda

We’ve been frothing at the mouth to find out what Team ICO’s PS3 game is going to be and for now we’ll just have to froth some more. From Team ICO Gamers Blog:

So I sent a couple hundreds of e-mails to OPM last month, right? And they’ve published one of them in this month’s issue:
Me: “I have just read the PlayStation Legend page on Ico at the back of OPM, issue nine and can’t stop wondering what Fumito Ueda and the rest of the team will come up with on PS3. I’m a big fan of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, like many others in the PlayStation community, and we’re all waiting impatiently for the day when the next game will be announced. It’s pretty unnerving that the only thing we know about Team ICO’s next effort so far is that there is going to be one. Any chance of some inside info, OPM?”

Them: “We asked Sony boss Kaz Hirai what was going on with Team ICO a couple of months back. As he was pleading ignorance, one of the other execs present blurted out. “I’m pretty sure they’re doing the sequel.” Our fearless reporter immediately asked. “What, the sequel to ICO or Shadow of the Colossus?” Then the room filled with knockout gas…

So, it seems they don’t know anything concrete. But it’s encouraging that the next game is referred to as a sequel of some kind. That would mean it’s based in the same setting as the previous games. Right?

Well, there you go. Some of you probably want them to do something new, eh? Bullshit, I say! Shadow of the Colossus was a great game and, assuming that’s the sequel they’re going to be making, it can do nothing but benefit from the power of the PS3. Imagine even bigger colossi, gorgeous valleys, and a stable frame rate! Why not go the extra step further and combine ICO and SotC? Puzzle your way through one castle, hop on a colossus, and ride it all the way to the next! Really, I don’t think I’d ever get tired of a game that combined the sheer awesomicity of these two series.

Do it, Ueda!

~ by Cavin Smith on October 4, 2007.

3 Responses to “Team ICO Working On New Game, Kinda”

  1. I’d certainly like it if the next game was set in the same universe of that in ICO and Shadow… but a direct sequel? I don’t know. It would be more of a remake. I’d prefer something completely new in terms of gameplay but familiar in setting.

    PS: Thanks for linking to our blog.

  2. I get where you’re coming from, but my imagination is running wild trying to picture how the colossi would look on a next-gen system!

    It’s a shame that “Last Canyon” stuff turned out to be false, though, because it did seem like a neat and different idea. Honestly, I’d be happy with anything Ueda wants to make.

  3. you know what would be cool? if they just gave us high def versions of both while we waited for them to finish what ever they were waiting on. I never finished ICO but Shadow of the freaking Colossus was my favorite game of all time on the PS2 (well, out of it and resident evil 4) But ever since I finished Shadow I have been clawing the internet trying to find some info/any info on their net project. No one would ever expect this comment from a 31 yr old black guy born in the projects in the Bronx would they??

    I LOVED that game!!!!!!

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