PS3’s New Ad Campaign

I guess “This Is Living,” for some unknown reason, just wasn’t working out for Sony. I really thought that one was going to move systems, too! Well, if by “living” you mean laying on your couch wearing nothing but boxers and gripping a Playstation controller in your hands like the slovenly, hedonistic creature you are, then that actually does sound pretty sweet. Realistically, there was nothing to love about the old campaign. It was poor justification for a high-price consumer electronics product and I’m not sure the E! Entertainment crowd was the right one to tap for your video game demographic.

So, according to, Sony’s going to unveil a new strategy, summarized by Marketing Manager Kim Nguyen:

“The theme of this year’s campaign uses computer animation to model key PS3 iconography in a black onyx world.”

Yeah, I’m not really sure what that means, either. It’s something you kind of have to see for yourself.

The campaign is going to start with banner ads and the like on internet sites, though it’s presumed to expand onto television and other formats soon enough.


~ by Cavin Smith on October 5, 2007.

One Response to “PS3’s New Ad Campaign”

  1. Looks really cool imo.

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