Everyday Shooter Coming This Week — Whaaaaaaaat?!

Wow. Talk about a kick-ass surprise Sony. See, this is what makes being a Sony fan such a roller coaster ride. We get a bunch of FUD about the lack of backwards compatibility and then BAM! the venerable Everyday Shooter is pushed up a month (but what happened to its proposed moniker, Riffed?). Originally set to come out sometime in November, Everyday Shooter represents one man’s attempt to break the Geometry Wars (well, Robotron) mold. Though it basically functions the same as those other shooters, ES is really quite different.. Much like other musically-influenced games (such as Lumines or Rez), each action on screen sets off various notes, only instead of weird electronic sizzles and pops, you’re treated to the stringy cheer of guitar chords and riffs.


Every level features its own unique graphics, sounds, enemies, and methods of building combos, meaning that you’re going to have to adapt to new mechanics every time the game switches “tracks.” It’s a neat hook that really separates Everyday Shooter apart from the pack. If you’re not so good at these types of games, though, it also functions as a sort of interactive album, complete with visualizer. Use cheats to turn on invincibility, find a nice chair to relax in, and just play around in Everyday Shooter’s various environments from the first level to the last. It’s a zen-like experience in and of itself, but if you prefer “altered states” (or a greater challenge), flip on some of the unlockable modes that change the look of the playing field by mixing in trippy colors or adding trails to all of the objects zooming around on-screen.

With Everyday Shooter joining several great demos (notably, Ratchet and Clank Future) and other as-yet-announced content, this week’s Playstation Network update is already rockin’.

Source: IGN PS3


~ by Cavin Smith on October 8, 2007.

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