L.A. Noire Details…Maybe?

Does the flapper girl over there on the hardwood actually have a copy of The Fountainhead wedged under her garter belt? Christ. Just what I need, another game that shows me how cocked-up-slash-awesome the 1940s were! As you’d expect from the title, “mystery” is the raison d’etre for L.A. Noir, a game itself shrouded in a thicker veil of secrets than Mrs. O’Shaughnessy when she waltzed her way up to Sam Spade’s desk.

That’s why it’s amazing that we get any details at all, even if it’s from as esoteric a source as Surfer Girl Reviews. I’ve never heard of the blog in question before, but the information certainly seems plausible:

  • The game will be a free-roaming title with a historically-accurate recreation of Los Angeles in 1947.
  • Team Bondi has even hired a costume designer to research the clothing of the era so the game’s attire can be accurate.
  • Aside from main story, side missions will be based on actual cases pulled straight of the newspapers of 1947.
  • A US Marine plays a big role in the story.
  • Not so exclusive…but LA Noire definitely ain’t coming to Xbox 360, the size of the game is an obstacle to this.

Sounds pretty swingin’ to me, if it’s true. I’m all for more 1940s-based games that don’t take place on a cratered battlefield. It’s also kind of interesting to see that the 360 may not be able to handle the size and scope of game, a problem that’s already caused issues for that other hot Rockstar property, GTAIV. Blu-Ray + Standard Hard Drive = WIN?

Via: Kotaku

~ by Cavin Smith on October 8, 2007.

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