New Rock Band Peripherals To Be Sold Separately, Much Separately

It’s just come down the pipes that Rock Band’s two new additions to the guitar-strumming formula, the drumkit and microphone, will not be sold separately from the bundle until Feb. 4, 2008. Buh-wuuuuuuh? Apparently this news comes from EB/Gamestop, so we can’t really say for sure what the exact reasoning behind this “decision” is, but considering this is the internet, that sure won’t stop us from speculating!

So what’s the dilly, yo? I’m guessing that EA or MTV or whoever is handling the actual sales and distribution (most likely EA, then) is attempting to really push the bundles this season. It may not be that bad of an idea, considering guitars are the staple of the series (still-kicking predecessor Guitar Hero, to clarify) and it’s already going to be bad enough fighting for shelf space. Most retailers would probably not want to stock copies of the stand alone game, bundles, individual guitars, mics, and drums for each of the three platforms (360, PS3, PS2) that Rock Band is slated to appear on. With so many games coming out and other periphery-heavy titles lining the racks this holiday season (Eye of Judgment, Guitar Hero III, Wii Zapper, etc.), I’m willing to bet retail pressure is the driving force behind this decision.

It doesn’t seem to be a monetary issue, because EA probably makes more money off of selling the instruments individually in the first place, meaning wider profit margins than the bundles.

So it looks like the bundles are the way to go for now. And why wouldn’t you want it all, anyway? Being able to experience the synergy of all three instruments working in tandem is most of the fun!

~ by Cavin Smith on October 9, 2007.

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