Singstar Delayed Yet Again

Boy, Sony sure does know how to break your little gamer heart, don’t they? Apparently, Singstar isn’t quite ready for the big time, despite already being out in at least one European country? The problem seems to arise from difficulties in getting the online features together. From a company spokesman:

“We want to ensure that consumers have the best possible experience when playing SingStar on Playstation 3.”

“We are therefore taking extra time to test the downloadable content and community features of SingStar to ensure that it is as rich, simple and accessible a SingStar experience as possible,” said the company.

What is it, exactly, with Sony and their online networks? First the consolidated PS2 network, then the complete failure of Sony Connect or any other such service for the PSP, a still wobbly PSN, and the continued delay of HOME. Infrastructure takes time to build, sure, but several of these concepts have stewed for years and ended up collapsing before they even got to consumers.

NeoGAF poster “reminder” brought up a conflicting fact:

“A Product Manager from SCE Germany said a few weeks ago, that the game is finished and they only need a little more time because they still have to talk to some music labels for downloadable videos.”

Granted, that’s just Germany (and as far as I know, every region of Europe is getting its own version of the game with country-specific songs and videos), but it could also be the real reason why Sony’s having so much trouble getting Singstar out the door.

It’s going to hurt quite a bit in Euroland without any karaoke on the PS3 this Holiday and it increasingly seems as though the console’s success really will be riding almost entirely on the shoulders of Ratchet and Clank and Uncharted around the world for the remainder of the season.


~ by Cavin Smith on October 9, 2007.

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