Sony Brings More PSOne Games (To Japan)

As if Japan wasn’t already getting a truckload more PSOne downloads on the Network than we are, SCEJ has announced that they’ll be doubling the number of releases each month. They got eight today, one of which is the venerable RPG Alundra. Game|Life’s Chris Kohler had this to say about the news:

“American PlayStation 3 owners will be happy to know that SCEA also plans on doubling its release output of PSone games. Effective immediately, their lineup, currently consisting of zero games, will be doubled.”

Sarcasm aside, it’s pretty indicative of the kind of treatment we’ve been receiving lately. Sure, the other weekly content has been on a roll lately, but I see no logical reason why we continue to get gypped on the oldies. We’ve been stuck with the same set for a few months now and there’s no indication that we’ll be getting any more.

If it’s any indication, reports that rumors have been going around about Sony releasing new downloadable content for the PSP via the store. Seven new games is great news, but only 13 PSOne titles for the entirety of 2008?! Whaaat? Not to mention that they’re supposedly one already available on the Playstation 3, several of which most certainly can already be downloaded for use on the portable. It just seems like SCEA doesn’t give a hoot.

A healthy archive of downloadable PSOne games may not be enough to get someone to purchase a Playstation 3 alone, but it sure is damn attractive. Get to it, Sony!

~ by Cavin Smith on October 10, 2007.

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