Everyday Shooter – Jonathan Mak Did It And So Can You!

The story behind Everyday Shooter is proof positive that even the smallest of independent developers can hit it big some day, and Queasy Games is about as tiny as it comes. Even though several Sony employees have helped bring the game to the PSN, Jon Mak is the sole employee of the “company” that originally created it.

Everyday Shooter’s Senior Producer, Rusty Buchert, details how it went from Mak’s pet project to a full-fledged downloadable game on Playstation.blog. Buchert, who felt the magic from the first time he laid hands on ES, calls it “an album of shooters,” which I think is a fantastic way of thinking about the game’s structure. Instead of being a singular game with “levels,” it’s a collection of smaller shooters with only a few important and cohesive elements shared between them. This allows for each level to shine on its own, even though it’s part of a larger tapestry. An apt description of an experience that blurs the line between soundtrack and video game.

Buchert’s post is an insightful read, if not a particularly long one, though he notes that Mak will be offering up his own thoughts on the blog in tandem with the game’s release today. I must admit, I’m really starting to like this developer commentary stuff.

~ by Cavin Smith on October 11, 2007.

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