Jonathan Mak – Personality Profile

In a post about Rusty Buchert’s Everyday Shooter experience earlier today, I referenced that the game’s sole developer, Jonathan Mak, would be offering a little of his own insight, too. Well, it’s up, and though it doesn’t touch on the game’s genesis, it does shed some light on your average indy dev’s tragically spartan lifestyle! Hashbrowns and pig’s blood, oh my!


Hey guys, let’s all pitch in and buy Everyday Shooter so Mak can afford a bigger TV! Twelve inches for Heavenly Sword is just…wrong!


~ by Cavin Smith on October 11, 2007.

2 Responses to “Jonathan Mak – Personality Profile”

  1. im definately buying this game. i was a little sceptical since i payed for super rubadub, flow, hot shots golf 2, rampage, super sprint, and i felt ripped off by all of them. i could have bought a blu-ray title instead of all that, but from what ive heard ES is sweet and i will be making my TV donation soon.

  2. Man, sounds like you bought all the *wrong* stuff on PSN! Well, fl0w’s nice, of course, but it’s very short and not terribly challenging.

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