Toys R Us Haul

Hey, everyone! If you got out to Toys R Us today, I hope you picked up some good games!

As for me, I went with some rather untraditional choices. I pretty much eschewed next-gen games altogether, as I’ve got most of the ones I really want for now and already have a boat load to spend money on for the rest of the season. Picking up more that I’ll barely or never play just didn’t seem like a good idea. I took advantage of the deal twice.

First, a trio of music games:

  • Singstar 80s Bundle ($50) – Since I was waiting on Singstar PS3, and that’s been indefinitely delayed, I figured that I may as well pick it up for Playstation 2. This is one I’ve been holding off on for awhile and it seemed to have the best overall selection of songs. My friends and I go to karaoke at a local bar a couple times a month, so I thought it might help me brush up on my awful singing skills.
  • Singstar Amped ($30 – Free) – I didn’t need two more mics, so I just got this one stand-alone. It seemed to have the second-best song list.
  • Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova 2 ($40): Forwent the bundle on this one as I live on the second story of an apartment complex and don’t want to incur the wrath of my downstairs neighbors. Buying SuperNova 2 is more tradition than anything. I used to be really big into DDR until I got all out of shape and the rest of my friends more or less stopped playing it. I’ve bought every Playstation version of the game since the original release in the U.S., why stop now?

Second, some “budget” games:

  • Jeanne D’Arc ($30) – I’ve heard great things about it, but I haven’t played my PSP much lately. It’s an SRPG and it’s made by Level 5, how bad can it be?
  • Brain Age 2 ($20) – Mild curiosity here, but I didn’t get much out of the first one, so I bought it for my girlfriend.
  • Viva Pinata ($20 – Free) – See above.

So I ended up spending somewhere around $150 and got $50 off in games. It might not have been the most economical of choices to make, but then again you’ve got to spend more to save more. I’ll probably pick up a few of the other games I was curious about, like Blue Dragon, when they hit bargain prices after the holidays.

Over all, I’d have to say I’m happy. If they get Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lion War in stock, I might make another trip out there later in the week. So, how did the rest of you do?

~ by Cavin Smith on October 14, 2007.

2 Responses to “Toys R Us Haul”

  1. Definitely one of the best buy is Jeanne D’Arc and Final Fantasy Tactics. I find myself addicted to Jeanne D’Arc more, perhaps because of the new storyline (having played FFT a long time ago, the minimal changes is just not hyping it up for me compared to a new game.)

    But worth buying both, I know i did. 🙂

  2. I don’t think I’ll be able to double-dip on the deal at this point. My cash is going to Eye of Judgment and Zack and Wiki next week. Still, I’d love to pick up FFT once I finish up Jeanne. I’m still pretty early on in the game, to tell the truth.

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