Fanmade Guitar Hero Arcade Cabinet

It may not have a button box and it may come apart like a stack of Legos, but Knievel’s custom Guitar Hero cabinet is still pretty awesome in its own right. Made out of real Marshall speaker equipment, it’s composed of three sections, each housing a specific component of the system. The center holds the monitor, the top a nifty marquee and speakers, and the bottom a subwoofer and a modified Playstation 2 with every Guiter Hero game conveniently loaded on the hard drive. Knievel’s inspiration?

My friends and I grew up in the peak of the 80’s Metal era and GH definitely caters to our generation. As a result this game series quickly left everything else in my arcade room collecting dust. I knew I had to take it to the next level..but how?
After some thought (and a few shots of JD) I decided there was only one thing to do…build a cabinet around it!

Great homage to a game that was no doubt partially inspired by Konami’s own long-running coin-up series Guitar Freaks. Here are a few pictures (more can be seen at the link up top):




[Via Stupid Gamer]


~ by Cavin Smith on October 15, 2007.

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