Rumor: Resistance 2 for ’08

The enigmatic Surfer Girl strikes again. I’m beginning to doubt that the mysterious blogger is either a “surfer” or a “girl” (on the internet, no ways!). My suspicions lead me to believe that SG is merely a code name or front for an industry insider of some sort. Maybe not a journalist, but someone with some great connections. Perhaps fire-starting Wedbush-Morgan analyst Michael Pachter? Or the janitor who takes out Phil Harrison’s trash bin? Or maybe, like Quartermann or Sushi-X, it’s more than one person…

Don’t let the random postings of politics or wikipedia fool you!

Well, who cares, as long as s/he keeps bringing us awesome (if unsubstantiated) exclusives? I think it’s the reliable language and plausible details that are convincing more than anything, but it’s enough for Surfer Girl to earn a freshly-minted spot in the blogroll.

Anyway, it’s Resistance news this time. Here’s what she had to say:

Insomniac Games is indeed developing Resistance: Fall of Man 2 (no, not Rise of Man, as some people have created) tentatively scheduled for release next November. Aside from the first and last level, the game takes place entirely in the United States, where someone who may or may not be Sgt. Nathan Hale (who plays a role in the story) has to deal with the Chimeran invasion of the US in such places as San Francisco and Chicago. And there is a cliffhanger ending that sets up for a third title. Vehicles will be included in multiplayer this time around, one will be able to take to the sky with three new vehicles or boogie it down on the ground with the three vehicles from the first game’s Campaign.

Works for me. Vehicles are sorely needed in multiplayer and the plot seems all in line with what we learned in the first game. A 2008 release isn’t far-fetched either considering how timely Insomniac has been with the Ratchet series (the first four games were annual releases).

If it’s real, hats off to you Surfer Girl.

[via Kotaku Australia]

~ by Cavin Smith on October 15, 2007.

10 Responses to “Rumor: Resistance 2 for ’08”

  1. Not meaning to offend, but I find those “random postings” on politics to be the most important, I’m sure David Jaffe would agree. I am a girl and the blog name comes from a Latvian tour guide who was on some sort of hallucinogenic and spoke random phrases.

  2. No offense taken, but I was being tongue-in-cheek.

    You certainly can’t deny how mysteriously you’ve popped up on the scene and all the questions that would naturally ensue. I’m only being half-serious in my speculation. 😉

    I just don’t see your mix of commentary very often. It’s intriguing!

  3. why not “Resistance: Judgment Day” or “Resistance: ____?” fall of man 2 sounds so redundant.

  4. what are your trying to say “may or may not be Sgt. Hale”? is that some foreshadowing about how the desease has taken over his body and mind and he isn’t the same anymore?

  5. … no she means that it could be someone like parker

  6. a bit off subject but i think it would be good to have vechiles in multiplay the first one was good and it took multiplay to a new level with ranks if the next one is the same and with vechiles then it would take gaming to a new level

  7. The Resistance 2 title is just a tenative name for the thing…I’m sure the guys at Iinsomniac are a bit more original than that, judging by the fact that all the Ratchet and Clank sequels don’t have number attached to them.

  8. yh but what about the call of duty quadrilogy they hav numbers after there name so y cant resistance 2 fall of man and it might not be hale because it might be a different year and the chimera have come back to try again and there onli invading U.S.A and parker english aswell

  9. this game is going to be awsome i thought resistance 1 was a blow wait till i see resistance 2 really cant wait to get it

  10. the monster from cloverfield looks exactly like a resistance monster what a rip and all the characters die at the end.

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