The Elusive Bionic Commando Trailer

Someone at Capcom’s web team is probably being scolded right now for popping up a bite-sized, but intriguing trailer on the Official Bionic Commando Site. It’s since been taken down, and despite the best efforts of some sites like GamerSyde to re-upload it, Capcom remains one step ahead — they’ve sent their own legal commandos out to stop anyone from posting the (obviously leaked) video. Silly lawyers, cease-and-desist letters are for kids!

In other words, there’s always another source. It’s up right now on DailyMotion, so catch it before it disappears from there, too.

The trailer itself is kind of low-res and choppy, but it does make the game look terribly fun. I don’t get the complaints that the bionic arms looks too big, though. Just working within the assumed confines of the world itself, the mechanical limb is new and largely unrefined technology. Of course it’s going to luck clunky and awkward compared to the rest of the hero’s body. Doesn’t stop it from being pure awesome.

~ by Cavin Smith on October 17, 2007.

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