Warhawk 1.2 Details

Wow, I haven’t updated in a few days. The weekend might have something to do with that, but my life’s been pretty crazy lately, anyway. I’m currently negotiating my way out of an unfulfilling semester in grad school, but the stress continues to pile up as I head into the home stretch. And then there are the games to play; trying to get through Folklore and Jeanne D’Arc before the goodness hits this week, though it’s unlikely I’ll actually finish either of them.

On top of that, there honestly hasn’t been a whole lot of Sony-centric news. If I had the time, I guess I could bust some heads over silly articles, like this one on that appeared over the weekend on C|Net. Instead, you get some fun Warhawk news.

Naught but a few days after the 1.1 (which fixed a few security/connection bugs and added Arbiters, in-game GMs hunting for cheaters and griefers, to the mix), Dylan Jobe and company have released another update. Looks like version 1.2 of the online shooter will include some important new features:

* 5 New layouts.
* Clan game server option.
* Buddy slot reservations.
* Integrated Warhawk Store.
* Updated CTF capture/return behavior.
* Internal stat padder protection.
* Booster Pack status display at join game list.
* DualShock3 integration.
* Separate SIXAXIS motion control on/off per mode (ground, hover, flight).
* Detailed Player Score display at end of game fixed.
* Added new server type filters (player, ranked, dedicated, clan, Official Warhawk, etc).
* Added new server full/open filter.
* Fall damage exploit fixed.
* Dismount into walls exploit fixed.
* Invisible Tank, Turret & Warhawk exploit fixed.
* Auto-kick of idle players.
* Add to Favorites button added to end game screen.
* Increased VOIP volume when not using headset.

There are some pretty significant developments, such as DualShock 3 integration (though the controller won’t be out in the US until next year, you can try and import one from Japan in November if you’re desperate enough) and the new Sixaxis settings which allow you to set use of the motion controls for each specific setup. This is as opposed to before, where if you you wanted to use waggle to control your Warhawk, you were stuck with it for the ground vehicles, as well.

The next most significant part of the update is the the inclusion of new layouts. There’s one for each existing map, and they focus on close-quarters combat for 4-8 players. Good new for those of you with connections too puny to host any more slots than that. The smallest of all available layouts, there seems to be little need for vehicles.

All in all, it brings a few neat features to the game, but it seems like all of the real juicy stuff is being saved for the mini-expansion currently slated for December. Edit: My mistake, apparently this is the patch slated for December.

[Via: Playstation.blog]

~ by Cavin Smith on October 22, 2007.

2 Responses to “Warhawk 1.2 Details”

  1. yay

  2. Theres also a dropship comeing with the boster pack

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