Eye of Judgment Found!

Hey everyone, it seems like a few more retailers are getting EoJ in today, even though it’s still a bit spotty. I picked up a copy at Toys R Us right as they’d arrived in boxes, so that might be your best bet. And despite what one Gamestop employee told me (call back Saturday), they seemed to get some in, too.

As most stores are probably only getting in three or four copies, I’d make the trip down to your local store as soon as possible.

The cruddy part is that *nobody* seems to have the stand-alone booster packs or theme decks yet, which means you may have to settle for ordering them online for the time being.

I’ve only had a chance to play a couple rounds against the computer so far, but it’s just so frickin’ cool! If you’ve read any reviews yet, certainly some of the complaints they have are there, but I think they’re worth dealing with. People ask, “why even bother with the PS3/Eye if they don’t add anything but cool visuals? Why not just buy the cards?”

Well, because it’s the kind of experience you just can’t get anywhere else. There’s nothing else like it. It’s fun and immersive and you could honestly say the same thing about the way the Wii operates. I don’t see any reason beyond the price of entry *not* to get excited about Eye of Judgment’s unique features.

Anyway, regardless of what the technology may or may not offer, there’s tons of depth to the game that will make it playable for a long, long time to come. Mana’s always at a premium and after the first few rounds, you’re almost always in a state of “check” with your opponent (for the unfamiliar, you have to control 5 squares on the board by the end of a turn to win), which is when it gets the most exciting. Positioning and tile elements really make it stand out from your average collectible card game, too.

So go out and buy the game already! If EoJ does well, I’m sure other companies will start seeing the value of using the technology to create even more interesting uses of the camera, card/board game clones and beyond.

~ by Cavin Smith on October 25, 2007.

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