PSN Update: 11-1-07

I’m really, really sorry for the lack of updates, dear readers. It’s crunch time at school right now (god how I hate the end of term) and on top of that, I’ve got about four or five games on my plate. That doesn’t even account for those I’ll probably pick up in the next couple of weeks. Needless to say, it’s a bit overwhelming, and since I don’t do this for money, it’s even harder to justify spending time on it. Hopefully I can begin to catch up.

That out of the way, it’s Thursday, and that means Sony’s dropping another Network update on us. After a week of crap, demos are back. Oh how we missed thee, trial software! Though we’re still missing that RAW vs. Smackdown demo that was planned to hit a few updates ago, we are getting two “solid, if not spectacular” samplings: Need For Speed: Pro Street and TimeShift. I imagine you already know what to expect with NFS, speedy crashmobiles and EA Trax crammed up your tailpipe. TimeShift, by all accounts, is a generic FPS , but maybe the demo will change your mind? It’s hard enough to get noticed as it is with HALO 3, Orange Box, CoD 4, HAZE, Blacksite: Area 51, and possibly UT3 (did I get them all?) crowding the shelves, so best of luck to it.

The really great thing about today’s update is Twisted Metal 2! Finally, we’re getting somewhere with the Classics. Last week Spyro, this week TM2. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to support even local two-player games, so you’re up the creek if you want to play with a friend.

Rounding things out, there are a few new game trailers up today (Uncharted, Burnout) and some clearly long-awaited wallet rape from our friends at EA (Godfather cheats for money). This is one time I’m not sad to see content hitting PSN well after it pops up on Xbox Live.

As aways, for a more comprehensive list of what’s up on the store this week, click over to

~ by Cavin Smith on November 1, 2007.

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